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How America's public schools keep kids in poverty

Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools -- things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields -- Click picture to view Ted Talk.

Poverty Fact Sheets

The School of Social Work in the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Memphis is dedicated to understanding poverty and its causes through research and engaged scholarship. Our purpose is to identify the most effective ways to eliminate poverty and promote social and economic development for our region. If you would like more information on Memphis poverty-- Click picture to view stats.

How education helped me rewrite my life

There's no greater freedom than finding your purpose, says education advocate Ashweetha Shetty. Born to a poor family in rural India, Shetty didn't let the social norms of her community stifle her dreams and silence her voice. In this personal talk, she shares how she found self-worth through education -- Click picture to view speech.

Global education: How to transform school systems?

Even before COVID-19 left as many as 1.5 billion students out of school in early 2020, there was a global consensus that education systems in too many countries were not delivering the quality education needed to ensure that all have the skills necessary to thrive.- Click picture to read more.

New Survey: America’s Families are Rethinking
K-12 Education

K-12 education in America is experiencing a once-in-a-generation transformation, as tens of millions of parents rethink their children’s education and make crucial decisions about how and where their children learn. From exploring their school choice options to expressing interest in nontraditional learning models, parents are eager to find better or supplementary learning environments for their children.-- Click picture to read more.

Tennesseans Have Access to Free Online Resources to Support Early Literacy

The Foundational Skills Navigator is a supplemental resource to the Tennessee Foundational Skills Curriculum designed to provide instructional leaders and teachers with easy access to Tennessee Foundational Skills Resources organized by unit, week, and day. Resources include lesson plans, -- Click picture to read more.

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