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About Curtis

Curtis Weathers is a retired public-school educator. He has worked in public education (in various capacities) for over 30 years and has a particular love for school reform in an urban setting. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Publication Administration and earned a master’s degree from Union University (Tennessee) in Educational Leadership. Mr. Weathers is a former professional athlete (football), entrepreneur, and has worked in corporate sales for a public utility company.

He entered public education in 1989 through a partnership between his employer, The East Ohio Gas Company, and the Cleveland Public Schools in Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Memphis in 1998 and started work for the Memphis City Schools as co-director of the district’s Urban Systemic Initiative, a reform initiative begun by the National Science Foundation that focused on improving Mathematics and Science education in urban schools. In 2003, in partnership with the 100 Black Men of Memphis, he opened one of the first charter schools in Memphis, the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences Middle School, where he served as executive director and principal for 12 years.

He’s also served as principal of Hamilton High School, Dubois Arts and Technology Middle and High, and Southwest Early College High School. He has a deep and abiding love for children, especially those traditionally underserved by our educational institutions. He dedicated his career and, quite frankly, his entire life to serving these precious young people. He’s 100 percent certain that Ron Edmonds spoke the truth when he uttered that all too familiar phrase, “All children can learn.” But he reminds all that our children cannot and will not learn at high levels without sufficient resources and, most of all, dedicated, capable educators who genuinely believe in their capacity to achieve at high levels.

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