Chairman/ CEO

About Crystal

Crystal has a passion to help people in need of guidance, support and compassion. She likes to work with individuals to reduce the stress and anxiety, which all stakeholders feel during their education related experiences. She knows that her personality will enable her to identify aspects of a successful system and directly and indirectly give students and families a positive outlook on their abilities to affect personal and social aspects of life by setting goals and attending to aspirations.

Crystal has been in public education for more than 10 years. She's worked as Leads, Deans, Directors and as a Principal. She is currently working towards her PhD in Leadership from Freed-Hardeman.

She is drawn to the “underdog”. Deep down inside an energy to uplift others has always been active. She especially finds herself being a helping hand and motivator to young men and boys. Her passion is no more than the God driven desire to improve the household by first improving the circumstance and opportunity of the male community.

She asked God what her purpose was and he told her. He gave her vision.

Memphis is the starting point. Memphis is a great place. But, each generation is leaving and looking for better opportunities instead of making them, maintaining them, and building for our future generations here. Because of this our Memphis Community is falling victim to the corruption that has existed in the city for centuries. Crystal plans to aid in the revitalization of the prosperous community in Memphis by empowering them to be better and do better through academics, self-awareness and community involvement.

With the help of community members, old and new, Liberty Memphis will umbrella multiple efforts to educate and empower the community to more prosperous means of living. 

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